US-Iran Tension in Gulf Continues

12/01/2016 written by Johnson Mathews

Tension between Iran and US continued at Straits of Hormuz when 4 Iranian boats started chasing a US navy destroyer ship. Inspite of warning shots fired, the boats continued to chase the US ship. The navy destroyer named USS mahan tried to slow down the approaching boats but Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps boats did not stop.

iran ship

This is the 7th reported incident between the 2 countries in Persian Gulf in past 2 years. We tried to contact Iran embassy for the response but got no response for the same. US has yet to plan what would be the further course of action.

Straits of Hormuz has been the centre point of the whole issue. Iran wants to show its supremacy in this region and so it US. As per 1979 embargo this strait is free route and does not come under Iran territory.

But with the recent turn of events there is a tense situation around this region.  With Iran not backing down we have to see if US navy takes some stern actions or not. Till no reported casualty have been reported and only warning shots were fired. But as the situation intensifies it may turn ugly.

We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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